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written by

Donald Frei, MD

Dr. Donald Frei is an neuroInterventional surgeon based in Denver, Colorado

June 1, 2018

ESCAPE-NA1: Safety and Efficacy of NA-1 in Subjects Undergoing Endovascular Thrombectomy for Stroke

There is extensive preclinical evidence that neuroprotection is of greatest benefit for improving functional outcome in studies employing experimental animal stroke models in which stroke is followed by reperfusion, as compared with stroke models in which arterial vessel occlusion is undertaken without reperfusion.

ESCAPE-NA1 is a Phase 3, randomized, placebo vs. drug study to determine the efficacy of the neuroprotectant drug NA-1, in reducing global disability in patients experiencing a major ischemic stroke. Subjects having acute ischemic stroke , who are selected for endovascular revascularization will be given a single dose of NA-1or placebo as soon as they are deemed to have met the enrollment criteria.

Principal Investigator: Donald Frei, MD

For more information about this trial, please contact Alicia Drew, Director, Research and Physician Services at Radiology Imaging Associates.

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