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The Radiology Imaging Associates story

Technology. Innovation. Excellence. Compassion.

Learn about the 50-plus year legacy of Radiology Imaging Associates.

Where we started and where we are now.

Founded as a simple administrative office in 1968, RIA is now an extraordinary practice. Over the course of our 55-year history, we’ve grown from a team of 4 radiologists into a multidisciplinary, fellowship-trained, and subspecialized team of over 100-practicing radiologists.

Through foundational partnerships, particularly St. Josephs Hospital, and Swedish Medical Center–the first to grant our founding physicians medical staff privileges–are able to expand the practice. As the inpatient diagnostic radiology needs of both hospital partners grows, recruitment becomes a focus. Hiring exclusively subspecialized physicians, the practice continues to differentiate itself while growing to a team of nine full-time radiologists, and expanding the area they serve beyond Denver, and across the state.

Our legacy of innovation and embrace of technology.

The embrace of technology and an appetite for innovation fuel growth through the early 1980s. The physicians of what would become known as Radiology Imaging Associates, start to bring their services to mostly rural areas. Underserved areas are now benefiting from expertise in breast imaging, neuroradiology, and early interventional radiology practices. This adoption of technology does not go unnoticed. Particularly by young, up and coming radiology students, who are now joining the practice after graduating at the top of their class from the nation’s leading training programs.

Our commitment to advancing the practice of radiology leads us to share innovative techniques and technologies at national meetings and conferences, increasing the practice’s reputation as a global leader in subspecialized radiology.

Geoff Lawton, CEO of Radiology Imaging Associates and Invision Sally Jobe smiles warmly into the camera

“The future of radiology, especially diagnostic, and minimally invasive treatments is bright, and we’re looking forward to remaining at the forefront of innovation and technology adoption as we continue to set the standard for compassionate, patient-centered care.”

– Geoff Lawton, CEO of Radiology Imaging Associates and Invision Sally Jobe

Reinventing breast cancer diagnosis and care.

In 1981, William Jobe, MD, currently serving as the Chair of Radiology for Swedish Medical Center joined forces with his colleagues at the practice to found the Breast Health and Diagnostic Centre. Located in the growing Denver Tech Center, the Centre was the first private practice clinic of its kind in the western United States focused exclusively on the diagnosis and treatment of breast disease.

Through the course of the 80s and 90s the Centre becomes a buzzing hub of innovation. Led by Dr. Jobe and Dr. Steve Parker, many new technologies emerge. Together, they develop a prone stereotactic table for breast biopsy, increasing patient comfort. They also developed a minimally-invasive ultrasound-guided technique for core biopsy of breast lesions. RIA physicians are the first in the world to perform this procedure. Dr. Bill Jobe is named President of the American College of Radiology and Chief US Delegate to the International Radiology Society. Universally, RIA physicians are recognized as thought leaders with expertise in percutaneous breast biopsy, breast ultrasound, and more.

Later in 1981, Medical Imaging of Colorado is formed. A joint entity between the practice and Swedish Medical Center, this freestanding ambulatory outpatient imaging center, brought emerging technologies and diagnostics to the growing Denver Tech Center. The center offered mammography, ultrasound, CT–the fifth in the country–and in 1984 added MRI to it’s arsenal of imaging modalities. This joint venture would become the foundation for Invision Sally Jobe, named for Dr. Bill Jobe’s wife Sally, who loses her year-long battle with breast cancer in 1996.

Today and into the future.

Today, Radiology Imaging Assocaites, Invision Sally Jobe, RIA Endovascular Clinic and Vein Center, and RIA Neurovascular continue to lead the way in subspecialized radiology, as well as minimally invasive techniques, and patient care. Employing over 100-physicians, we remain committed to living up to the expectations and values our founding physicians set forth: Technology. Innovation. Excellence. Compassion.

Showing no signs of slowing, our practice continues to grow. So does our need for subspecialized, fellowship trained radiologists looking to join a world-class team thought leaders driving innovation. The legacy of what started as a small administrative office near the campus of St. Joseph Hospital lives on in every patient we serve. Now, with the ability to provide fast, accurate reads any where any time, our doctors are the right team to partner with your hospital or healthcare organization.