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RIA Endovascular provides minimally invasive (non-surgical) procedures that can help relieve neck, arm, back, leg and other associated pain.

Such pain can be caused by inflamed spinal nerves or facet joints. These procedures are performed in our offices for existing patients.

Epidural Steroid Injection

An epidural steroid injection (ESI) is a minimally invasive procedure that can help relieve neck, arm, back, and leg pain caused by inflamed spinal nerves. ESI may be performed to relieve pain caused by spinal stenosis, spondylolysis or disc herniation. Learn more about epidural steroid injections.

Facet Injections

A facet injection is a minimally invasive procedure that temporarily relieves neck or back pain caused by inflamed facet joints.

Nerve Root Block

A nerve root block is an injection that delivers medication into the space around spinal nerve roots as a method of treating inflamed spinal nerves and to provide relief from the back, leg, and other associated pain. A nerve root block may also be used therapeutically for the treatment of specific types of disc herniations. Learn more about a nerve root block.

How do spine patients come to RIA Endovascular?

We do not see patients who are looking to figure out their spine issues.

Generally, patients having kyphoplasty, sacroplasty and vertebroplasty procedures have been referred to us. The patient has already had MRI imaging (or in the alternative with a patient with a pacemaker, a bone scan and/or CT) and are candidates for the procedure (i.e., it’s a new compression fracture).

For patients that we’ve already seen or where we are working with a doctor (such as a cancer patient) and the discussion comes up – or it’s something likely, we will agree to order the proper scans at the Invision Sally Jobe facility closest to them.

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