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written by

Peter Stratil, MD, MBA

Dr. Peter Stratil is a vascular and interventional radiologist in Denver, CO

October 10, 2017

VIRTUS: Safety and Efficacy of the Veniti Vici™ Venous Stent System

The full title of this study is: VIRTUS: Safety and Efficacy of the Veniti Vici™Venous Stent System when Used to Treat Clinically Significant Chronic Non-malignant Obstruction of the Iliofemoral Venous Segment

The VIRTUS study evaluates the Veniti Vici™ Venous Stent System in patients whose doctor has determined that blood-flow through a vein in their leg has been restricted. The Veniti Vici™ Venous Stent System will be assessed on those who have a presence of unilateral, clinically significant, chronic non-malignant obstruction of the common femoral vein, external iliac vein, common iliac vein, or any combination thereof, defined as a ≥50% reduction in target vessel lumen diameter. The information gathered will help assess the safety and efficacy of the investigational stent system.  

Principal Investigator: Peter Stratil, MD, MBA

For more information about this trial, please contact Alicia Drew, Director, Research and Physician Services at Radiology Imaging Associates.

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